2d Design

Luna's Nest Flutter Nest Balancing Nest Hanging Nest Hanging Nest Detail Sprouting Nest
spacer Nesting Nest spacer Nesting Nest spacer House of the House spacer House of the House spacer Nesting Ring spacer Nesting Cups
Queen Anne's Lanterns spacer Twilight Fires Fly Unum Motum Unum Motum Viatoribus Viae Viatoribus Viae
spacer Tudinem Vitae Spore Shaker Twins Gills Onion Bulbs
Breeze's Belles Look and See VI Look and See V Spotted Rings Spotted Pendant II Spotted Pendant

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From tableware to jewelry, this metalwork focuses on natural form and pattern, and each piece integrates the concept of containment. Traditional materials and techniques are employed to create functional pieces with contemporary images. Heather accepts commissions and enjoys creating custom pieces. If you are interested in purchasing a piece please email for details.

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